Change the way you
buy and use shipping
services. Forever.

We buy and renew your shipping services for you – getting you the best price fast and hassle free by combining the spend of companies just like yours.

We then set up the shipping process for you based on the best practices we continue to see.

Free yourself from the burden of buying shipping services .

Having a reliable carrier at cost effective rates is the important part. Actually going through the process of contacting the carriers, providing data, navigating through rate charts and fees, and then negotiating is not a good use of your time. We have the know-how and the spending power to get you what you need and up and running within days not months.

Get the best pricing – every time.

The price of shipping services is variable and confusing. We bring market knowledge and data backed insights from reviewing prices across different businesses every day. Our clients have access to the best pricing at all times and at prices they could not otherwise get on their own.
Take advantage of industry best practices.

We just don’t save you money, we also save you time! And improve your customer experience while doing so. Based on ecommerce best practices, you will leverage the shipping process that removes manual work and even creates automation based on customized rules.

Our Promise

We do the work, you see the growth! And you only pay for performance – it’s that simple

About Us

PK Enterprises is a closed network supporting e-commerce and small business entrepreneurs who are looking to scale up their businesses. You develop innovative/great products and we build around you with logistics and technology solutions. We combine everyone’s individual spending power into a larger group to achieve pricing that no one company could achieve on their own.

We are not software. We’re real experts that act as your internal team. We are former entrepreneurs and operational experts with decades of experience. So we know what partners you need and where you can save time and money.

What We Do

We guarantee we will reduce your logistics expenses. We find the savings that otherwise go unnoticed. We focus on the following areas:

Shipping Rates

Without extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of the shipping industry, it is very difficult to navigate. The fact is that pricing changes based on the strength of your logo, the timing of your negotiation, and the sales representative involved. Carriers even have different zones and extra charges which makes comparisons a challenge. Pair that with the time required to work through a negotiation, it becomes a drain on resources. We have done all this work for you and can get you set up in a matter of hours not months. With our combined spending power and industry insiders, we worked with each carrier to ensure we have the rates, service level, and customer service support to save you time and money - now and for the future.


We strive to minimize clicks and mistakes while saving you as much time and money as possible. To make this a reality, we pair technology with customized rules tailored to your needs. You no longer have to think about things like which carrier to use for each shipment, your commercial invoices, or even how to configure shipping service.

Member Success

We believe in customer service so much, we wanted to include it here again. If you have any issues, you can talk to our team directly in any way that works best for you! Shipping is complex and instead of you draining time and resources to navigate, you can rely on our experience and industry knowledge. Being an extension of your team, we are here to solve issues, answer questions, and bounce ideas off of.


How It Works

We guarantee we will reduce your logistics expenses. We find the savings that otherwise go unnoticed. We focus on the following areas:


Free Consultation

You will have a chat with our team to discuss what you are doing today. We will share insights, strategies, and connections from our member companies.



Send us your data. Then, we'll review and propose ways to save you time and reduce your spend. That’s all before you even become a member.


Take Action

We will put our plan in place and you can watch the results first hand!

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